Monday, January 27, 2020

**** Russell County Burn Ban ****

Effective December, 4th, 2017 


NOW ON THIS 4th day of December, 2017, the Board of County Commissioners of Russell County, Kansas met in regular session with a quorum present.

WHEREAS, the grassland and croplands of Russell County, Kansas,form an important part of our economy, and provide for protection of watershed,forage for livestock, refuge for wildlife, and recreational opportunities.Wildfires endanger these resources, real and personal property, and the lives of residents and visitors in these areas. Extremely dry and windy weather conditions have created an extreme fire hazard in the grassland and cropland of Russell County,

Kansas. Fires have been reported throughout the county andhave caused substantial damage. Once started, these fires are difficult tocontrol and strain volunteer fire department and manpower and resources. Thefire danger is "extreme" in this county. The dry conditions and firedanger will continue unabated until sufficient rainfall occurs across the area.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY resolved, proclaimed, directed, and ordered by the Board of County Commissioners of Russell County, Kansas,pursuant to K.S.A. 48-932, that a state of local disaster emergency exists for the above reasons and that the following acts are prohibited within boundaries of this county by all citizens and visitors:

1) Careless use of smoking materials, including cigarettes,cigars and smoking pipes. The discarding of such objects shall be in a mannerto preclude fire threat from smoldering remains.

2) Building, maintaining, attending or using any open fire.Exemptions are stoves, fireplaces, campfires, and propane or charcoal barbequegrills that are contained in an upright fully covered grill in developed recreationalsites or residential areas.

3) Prescribed burning of all fence rows, fields, wild lands,ravines, trash and debris.

4) Outdoor use of all other fires including fireworks, forany reason.

A knowing and willful violation of this order shall constitute a class "A" misdemeanor according to K.S.A. 48-939, and any person convicted of such violation shall be punished as provided by law. Costs shall be incurred according to K.S.A.19-101e. The Russell County Clerk shall immediately notify Russell County's emergency management director, law enforcement officers, and fire officials of this order and shall also notify both print and radio representatives who normally cover Russell County.

This Proclamation shall be in full force and effect from and including December 4, 2017 until repealed by the Board of County Commissioners of Russell County, Kansas.



                                                                        BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

                                                                        OF RUSSELL COUNTY, KANSAS


** Notice to ALL Russell County Residents**

Effective Monday, November 5, 2012

Those located North of the Saline River will have their trash hauled by :

T & G Sanitation Service LLC

Contact # 785.345.4269 or 785.346.6247

This includes the cities of Lucas, Luray, Waldo, & Paradise.


Those located South of the Saline River will have their trash hauled by:

Chism Trash Service

Contact # 620.708.3299

This includes the cities of Gorham, Bunker Hill, & Dorrance.