Saturday, November 18, 2017

Russell County Appraiser

Kenton Lyon


Fax: 785-483-2725




New Parcel Search Website 

The most frequently requested appraisal data is now available to the public on our Russell County website.

The search engine is very dynamic.  You can search by:

  • Parcel Number
  • Appraised Amount
  • Year Built
  • Owner's last name
  • Section - Township - Range
  • Property Address
  • Multiple Selections

Any field that appears in a highlighted color has other information linked to it that can be displayed by simply clicking on the higlighted field.

Often when the first screen of information appears, you will see the parcel number repeated. At the end of the number will be 01, 02, etc. This indicates there is more than one property record card, which is common for multiple-class properties such as agricultural land with residential home site. The information displayed is the characteristics of the house(s) or commercial business.

Click here for the Russell County Parcel Search

Next click on "Parcel Search"


County Appraiser

Kenton Lyon



Data Entry-Sales-Residential Clerk

Audrey Dougherty


Oil & Gas Clerk

Stephanie Brown

Personal Property Clerk

Anita Soukup