Saturday, May 30, 2020






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Call Alan Kuntzsch - Road & Bridge Supervisor


Russell County Highway Department closed a 1.5-mile section of road due to bridge damage, east of Dorrance.  We will replace the stone arch bridge with a large culvert.


The closed location is on Grant Lane from 200th Blvd (blacktop), going East to 201st St.  It will remain closed until further notice.


Site is T14S – R11W – 7-NE-SE and all of 8.



Russell County Highway Department has Closed a 2-mile section of road due to road damage, from Milberger going East.


The closed location is on Michaelis Rd. from 182nd St., going East to 184th St.  It will remain Closed until further notice.


Site is  T15S – R14W – 28-SE-SW / 29-SE-SW / 32-NE-NW / 33-NE-NW.


Please contact Alan if you have questions or concerns.  483-4032

Russell County has contracted with Reece Construction Co., Inc. to do a Bridge Deck Repair.  The Bridge is known as the Mai Bridge on 4-Corners Rd. (blacktop).


Reece Construction Co. will Close 4-Corners Rd. between 186th and 187th St. beginning tomorrow (Sept. 4) for approximately 3 months.


Russell County Highway Dept. will set up a Detour from 4-Corners Rd (aka West Pioneer Blacktop) onto 186th St. going South for one mile to Fairfield Rd., then East on Fairfield Rd. for one mile to 187th St., then North on 187th St. for one mile to 4-Corners Rd.


Reece Construction Co. and Russell County Highway Dept. appreciate the public’s consideration while this necessary repair is completed.


Please contact Alan Kuntzsch, Public Works Director, if you have questions or concerns.  785-483-4032

Please be aware when driving on county roads of washouts and flooding!