Friday, May 29, 2020

Russell County Zoning Department

The Russell County Zoning Department handles Zoning for the unincorporated portions of Russell County. Zoning inquiries for property located within a city should be directed to that local city office.

If you are unsure if a property is located within a city, or the county refer to our parcel search website for reference, and if you are still unsure give our office a call and we will assist in that determination.

The parcel search website is: if this link does not work, then you can go to and select Russell County from the drop down list.


Chris Brown - Zoning Administrator

John R. Fletcher - Zoning Deputy

Andrea Ruggels - Zoning Secretary / Clerk

Board Members

Carl Denning

Cindy Haselhorst

Laren Haselhorst

Victoria Tomlinson

Morris Krug

Dean Koehn

Mike Waymaster


Fax: 785-483-2756

The Russell County Planning Commission meets every 1st Wednesday of the month. (If the meeting is cancelled or postponed it is announced in the paper.)


Zoning Brochures

Zoning Permits and Applications